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NOXY is a scientific-based formula created by two currently practicing board-certified urologists with extensive experience in male and female sexual dysfunction. A 2 ounce liquid shot of NOXY will provide a customized combination of natural ingredients that boost male and female performance, both mentally and sexually. There is no equivalent to this product available in either liquid or pill form. Research for the active ingredients are documented as followed:


The male formulation of NOXY utilizes Yohimbine as one of the key ingredients. Yohimbine is an alpha-adrenoceptor blocker that is derived from the bark of the Yohimbine tree found in Central Africa. It has been used for the treatment of impotence of men. The University of Milan School of Medicine published a series comparing Yohimbine in combination with Trazodone vs. placebo in men with psychogenic impotence.Sexual function with both regimens was assessed. They found that in the Yohimbine arm, 71% of patients had a positive response. A meta-analysis was used to examine multiple Yohimbine trials published in the literature. Carey et al. reported on 4 separate meta-analyses evaluating the effectiveness of Yohimbine.2 In their manuscript they report that Yohimbine had a therapeutic effect on erectile function. Queen’s University in Canada demonstrated that patients had a larger positive response with Yohimbine compared with placebo3 while a multi-institutional trial in the United Kingdom4 showed that Yohimbine had a beneficial effect on stimulated erections. Queen’s University also reported a placebo controlled trial evaluating the role of Yohimbine in male erections.5 In a publication by Reid et al. they found at the end of the first arm of the trial more patients in the Yohimbine arm reported some improvement in sexual function (62% vs. 16%, p < 0.05). Several other trials also confirm the therapeutic benefit of Yohimbine on male erections.6-8


Both the male and female NOXY formulations have ingredients that can boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule in the body. The identification of Nitric Oxide won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998. Nitric Oxide is released by nerve and endothelial cells in the corpora cavernosa of the penis9 and the nitric oxide signaling pathway is important in penile erection.10 An investigator from the University of Naples commented in a review that “Nitric Oxide evolved as the critical factor determining the capacity for erection”.11 Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, physical inactivity, abdominal obesity, diabetes and hypertension reduce nitric oxide production.12 This is why men may need the agents in NOXY, which may help replace nitric oxide for an improved sexual experience and response.

Years of exhaustive research and effort allowed us to tailor-make the drink for both sexes, finally leading to our optimal formula of NOXY for him and NOXY for her. The ingredients were specifically selected by board-certified urologists to provide a balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that achieves a spectacular sexual response, as well as optimal mental acuity. NOXY customers have even noted improved physical stamina and strength. What are you waiting for? NOXY can help you outlast, at last.


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