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NOXY is a scientific-based formula created by two currently practicing board-certified urologists with extensive experience in male and female sexual dysfunction. A 2 ounce liquid shot of NOXY will provide a customized combination of natural ingredients that boost male and female performance, both mentally and sexually. There is no equivalent to this product available in either liquid or pill form. Research for the active ingredients are documented as followed:


The female formulation of NOXY incorporates both Damiana and Black Cohosh. These have been used to enhance female sexual stimulation while boosting and maintaining physical stamina. Damiana is a special shrub indigenous to the Southwest United States, Mexico and Central America. Black Cohosh is a perennial plant native to North America. It has been used to treat symptoms of menopause including improving vaginal dryness. The female NOXY formulation utilizes a unique combination of these natural ingredients to produce the most potent product to improve the female sexual experience. In a multi-institutional pharmaceutical sponsored trial Ito et al. evaluated a compound containing Damiana and L-Arginine (another NOXY ingredient) in women age 22-73 who report a lack of sexual desire.1 They compared their compound to placebo and found an improvement in sexual function. Premenopausal women reported an improvement in sexual desire (72%, vs. 47% p =0.03), satisfaction with overall sex life (68% vs. 35%, p = 0.007), an increase in the frequency of sexual desire (60% vs. 38%, p = 0.05) and frequency of intercourse (56% vs. 26, p = 0.01). Perimenopausal women reported an improvement in frequency of intercourse (86% vs. 17%, p = 0.002), satisfaction with sexual relationship (79% vs. 33%, p = 0.03) and vaginal dryness (64% vs. 17%, p = 0.03). Postmenopausal women primarily showed an increase in level of sexual desire (50% vs. 8%, p = 0.008).  Furthermore, Damiana has been used in women with inhibited orgasm.2 The aphrodisiac activity of Damiana has also been extensively studied.3 Noxy for women also contains yohimbine. It is suggested that yohimbine can increase sexual pleasure, arousal and interest for women4. Noxy can promote improved sexual desire and arousal, increased frequency of intercourse and overall satisfaction with sexual relationships for all age groups.


Both the male and female NOXY formulations have ingredients that can boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule in the body. The identification of Nitric Oxide won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998. Yoo et al. at the University of Missouri showed that microparticles that can release nitric oxide can improve vaginal blood perfusion. This in turn can aid the female sexual respsone. Yoo et al also has suggested this could be used as a treatment for female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD).5 Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, physical inactivity, abdominal obesity, diabetes and hypertension reduce nitric oxide production.6 This is why women may need the agents in NOXY which may help replace nitric oxide for an improved sexual experience and response.

Years of exhaustive research and effort allowed us to tailor-make the drink for both sexes, finally leading to our optimal formula of NOXY for him and NOXY for her. The ingredients were specifically selected by board-certified urologists to provide a balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that achieves a spectacular sexual response, as well as optimal mental acuity. NOXY customers have even noted improved physical stamina and strength. What are you waiting for? NOXY can help you outlast, at last.


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